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Only a 2 to 5 hour flight from the U.S., Panama is among the easiest of Latin American countries for Americans to visit. There are direct flights to Panama City from a number of major U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Newark, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami as well as Toronto, Canada. From Panama City, it is just a one hour direct flight to David, with two airlines and several flights to service you daily. Also, new this year we have added the availability of a premier level travel insurance program for your comfort and protection.  Simply click the tab at the bottom of this page for information.

English is considered Panama’s second language. In Panama City you can expect the people in the nicest hotels, bars and restaurants to speak English fluently. Once outside of the cities, you may find it helpful to have brushed up on your Spanish, as you are in Latin America.

As a tourist, you will have no difficulty with the currency “exchange” because there is none. Panama has adopted the U. S. dollar as their currency, though locals call the dollar a “Balboa” after the famous explorer. Credit cards are accepted at the finer hotels and restaurants in Panama City. Otherwise, it is best to carry a large supply of smaller denomination bills — nothing larger than $20’s. Bills of $50 and $100 can be hard to spend or exchange throughout the country.

Food and water is safe to eat and drink in both Panama City and David. You should not worry about being bothered by “Montezuma’s Revenge,” which is so common in Mexico. Panama’s sanitation standards are good.

The people of Panama are friendly and the crime rate is low. Panama City is a large metropolis, so just as you would in any big city, exercise caution. In the central banking and shopping district (where you will be staying), you can feel very safe. If you go out at night, just take one of the many friendly cabs. In David, you are safe day and night.

Panama's weather is tropical, with daytime temperatures averaging around 80° to 90° on the ocean, and only about 5 to 10 degrees cooler at night. December though May is the dry season, often with little or no rain. The other months of the year experience tropical rain showers in the afternoons, sometimes strong, but usually of short duration, with pleasant temperatures.

What To Bring
When it comes to clothing, you can pack light for our tropical climate, and we provide an excellent laundry service.

We suggest you bring the following:
Long pants and sport shirt (with fish on it!) for your air travel and when in Panama City.
Two pairs of fishing shorts and two fishing shirts (long pants and long-sleeve shirts are advisable fishing attire for anyone with fair skin).
A light weight rain jacket for fishing.
Knee pads and finger tape for added comfort when casting to or battling big game fish.
Your lucky fishing cap or a broad-rimmed "Panamanian" fishing hat.
A digital camera with a USB cable so we can transfer your photos for use on our fishing reports.

Other items to pack include your swimsuit, passport, sun block, sunglasses and prescription glasses (plus an extra pair of each), lip balm, deck shoes, your favorite lures and flies, reading material, and any personal items you might need (there are no villages or stores on these remote islands).


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