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Pesca Panama
3699 Lower River Road
Youngstown, NY 14174
Ph: 844-264-2246
Fax: 716-625-1430
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We’re running full steam again at Pesca.  The Detroits that push the motorized barge we call home were rebuilt last year and are flawless.  Rooms were re-built, all woodwork on the barge was varnished, we painted three times last year, changed the menu a little, tweaked the gear, rebuilt all the revolving reels, worked as a team to tighten up the already great crew.
If you visit us this year you will also find:
All Suzuki outboards are being rebuilt completely

We’re using larger pumps on the boats to avoid failure

Crews will have cast nets to help make bait

We’re making many of our own Sabiki rigs

An extra freezer will be kept on board solely for frozen bait to use as chum and chunking

We carry a good fly selection now

We are having a range of custom lures that we have selected made specifically for Pesca

Boats have dredges

Custom rods have been redesigned

We will use same make and range of reels, were quite pleased with them in 2015

Dining tables have been refurbished

Extra water lighting is in place

Linens in rooms are new

All a/c units were new in 2015

We’re offering two meal choices nightly now

We’ve brought back Sunday night fresh caught lobster due to popular demand

There is a larger clothing line, hats, custom sunmasks, lip gloss, suncream, cigarettes, lighters, fantastic custom rolled cigars, and sunglasses on board

Kitchen is sterilized weekly, bathrooms are fully cleaned twice daily, Lysoled twice more

New plexiglas windows have been installed

Kayaks now have foldable anchors, first aid kit, emergency paddle, handheld radios

You now have two standard hotel choices- El Panama or revitalized Veneto Hotel and Casino, plus we can arrange any hotel you desire in Panama City

We can fly groups to Coiba from Panama City and pick you up on the island

We run day charters year round

We offer 3 and 4 day packages

Jose Garcia on shore now takes care of checking you in for departure as Xiomy does when you arrive in Panama

We have a guitar, fiddle, bocce ball set, full poker set, dominoes, and more

Mary and Mary, our two smiling, warm, wonderful bartender and server make the fantail bar a delightful place to spend your evenings

Captains and mates are attending English school in the off season
Check out the new numbers and info here on our website, look for us on Facebook, or call me directly at 716-868-4432 anytime.  I’d love to show you the new Pesca Panama.
Capt Mike Augat

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