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Fishing Report - 12/12/15

Well we are really on a roll this year - enjoyable group last week, great guests this week, and a fun sounding group arriving tomorrow.  Sometimes we host gatherings of anglers who all know each other, many with long associations often dating back to high school.  Other times, like this week and next, we mix people together, and almost always anglers from different walks of life share a week on "The Barge" getting to know each other and blend beautifully.  And commonly, we have non-fishing or novice guests try their luck with us, learn how it's all done, and enjoy the stunning remote setting and nature's endless art here in offshore Pacific Panama. The Bergen group (Idaho, Montana, Cali) of dad and two grown sons returned and brought wife Shelby along for the first time.  Partner Eben Huston hosted saltwater novice Bernie Nickerson, avid and talented angler Paul Heinold, and our good friend Mr Gordon "Smitty" Smith from New Hampshire, DC, and Maine.  Rick Bell and lifelong friend from college Charlie Agan came from Minnesota, and Fred Jenkins from Virginia joined many time returner Shake Rattle and Roll'n Stevie Dinkel out of Florida, to fish together for the first time.  Gotta say, was a perfect group - considerate, patient, fun, and they all put in the miles and hours to find good fishing.
Ocean waters are very clear so far this year, with less rain than normal, thus less wood and grass, trees, and so on washing out of flooded rivers, so mahi are moving through rather than setting up shop under surface cover.  We looked for and found them when traveling between various island chains.  I've enjoyed making sure guests see and fish as much of the Paridas/Secas/Ladrones/Contreras/Canales/Montousa/Jicarone/Jicarita/Coiba island groups as possible in their time here - a vast area to know and explore.  24 species were hooked overall.  Shelby boated one of the bigger bluefin trevally we've seen and a large rooster - firsts for her.  As a family, the Bergens fought quite a few mullet snapper, bonito schools, mahi, crevalle, snook, and a black tip that was over 250lbs.  Eben's boat tried to experience as much as possible using many methods.  Bernie started his salt career with a 40lb fish.  Smitty caight his first sail.  Paul caught everything and beat the water to a froth tirelessly all day everyday.  And Eben was his usually generous self, catching, but often watching his guests enjoy themselves - gives the man great pleasure.  One day they split up, Eben and Bernie went offshore hunting marlin (not to be) while Bargemaster Jaime took Paul and Smitty light tackle and fly fishing in the panga.  13 species were caught by the four of them that day alone.  Rick and Charlie were all over the place fishing, swimming, exploring.  They battled jacks, trevally, roosters, cierra, rainbow runner, cubera, black tip, bigeye, yellow, lane, and mullet snapper.  Fred and Steve worked mostly inshore, also experiencing numerous species.  Fred took a 35lb rooster early on, and capped the trip with one pushing 50lbs the last morning.  Steve and I are going to mount a small expedition later this year to reach some interior jungle rivers and camp in the jungle - I'm already excited!
You hear it overused, but it was really another week in Paradise.  Seas were calm and friendly, skies were sunny, we found some big fish and had action, we ate exceptionally well, and everybody enjoyed our brief time together.  Marlin season of Jan/Feb looms, we have some openings, and remember - we anchor 12 miles from the Banks - 1/2 hour run and you're fishing for marlin or tuna- no one else does it like we do.
Thanks for visiting, come again soon. 
The Pescans - Eben, Ted, Jose, Xiomy, Jaime, Idina, Chollo, Chano, Mary, Manny, Tommy, Jose Louis, Jonathan, Nava, Felix, Chi, Chi, Carlos, Everitt, Davis, and our support team - wish you a warm and loving holiday season.
Capt Mike Augat


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