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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 6/15/16

I co-own an amazing fishing lodge.  It’s a complicated endeavor.  You all know the old saying “a boat is simply a hole in the water to throw money into”.  Well, we have a fleet.  Arranging trips, putting out fires, fixing motors, pumps, generators, rods/reels, buying gear and food, flying all over the place, I can get a little sidetracked from why we really do this:  We get to endlessly explore one of the prettiest, best fishing locations on the planet, and we get to meet and hang with interesting and generally wonderful people from all over the world.  Brandon, Ryan, and Scott Bird; Corey Phipps and Bret Kinghorn; Lance, Lawrence, and Paul Gunderson; and Dave & Lee Burtenshaw arrived from Cali, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Texas.  The guys were a blast, incorporating everything I love about a group of friends.  They have history and old tales.  There were father/son and brother/brother interactions. Lots of laughter, GREAT travel stories and some AK brown bear tales that were mesmerizing.  They appreciated our crew, the great food, scenery, long hard days we gave them… and the fishing.
We concentrated on the waning yellowfin bite.  Fish were not running giant size nor small. We occasionally found some 30-40lb yft - but our normal fish were in the 100lb range, and we caught many of them on spinning gear and on many of the personal rigs the guys brought with them - outfits from basic Calcuttas, to some gorgeous custom rods built in CA.  All inshore water we found during the week was grey/green, chopped, baitless and with few birds - very rare for pacific Panama, but it happens.  So our normal plentitude of jacks, trevally, big houndfish, roosters, and cubera were rare.  But we stayed near Hannibal Banks and the tuna were there every day - again, not always the case.  The Bird brothers, who I place in my top 5% insanely addicted angler category, brought some beautiful plaques along to award to the biggest tuna of the week, one for the angler, one for the captain, knowing from our reports that we’ve been taking some mid 200lb fish.  So the spirits were high for each boat as they headed out early in the days, asking for an even earlier than normal breakfast and fishing until dark.  They caught a pile of tuna.  One boat had a 40lb yellowfin almost to the boat when right at the transom a rather large black marlin took two wicked slashes at it.  And of course Coiba provided all the other amazing stuff that makes up a visit here.  We had a few almost blinding downpours accompanied with equally intense lightning - one when I was walking a beach.  Saw two pairs of scarlet macaws.  Watched dolphin put on acrobatic shows amidst the feeding tuna that defy what you think an animal can do.  Walked through a small, poor native village looking for supplies, ended up giving more away than getting, to an entourage of kids - young to teen, that followed Manny and I.  Caught mega rainbow runners.  Finished the trip on the final morning with another really large rooster.
What a blast.  Partner Ted is fishing this week, Eben was here a short while ago, I’m back home working on booking our next trips.  We’ll run the Barge out a few times this summer, are working on filling first week Nov. and first week Dec. 2016 trips (great time to visit), are setting up some scuba adventures, and are booking madly, so I’m delighted.  Please don’t wait forever to put your name on a boat or on a week.
And for the group that made the past week so enjoyable, from my heart, thanks guys.  Oh yeah - as sometimes happens in the world of fishing, one of our easiest going, not caring a heckuva lot anglers won the plaque, fishing with our most novice captain - 185lbs of packed never quit tuna muscle.  Can’t wait to see who’ll take the 2017 prize.
Living large - Mike Augat, for all of us here at Pesca Panama!


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