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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 6/14/18

I returned to Panama with my good friend Dr. Mike Pell to get our last shot at tuna for the season on this trip, our second to last of the season. We met up with the two other groups for the week on our way to the Allbrook Airport Sunday morning. The Bonner group from the West coast and Hawaii and the Cavalero group from New Jersey joined us for the week.  Brad Bonner and brother Scott were joined by Chad Karasaki and Randy Fowler, all life-long buddies and first time Pesca anglers. And return Pesca anglers Bob Cavalero and son Robert brought along close friends Ray Klein and Carmine Tango to experience the awesome fishery we have in Panama.

The weather was cooperative although we are now well into the rainy season. We were able to dodge the rainstorms most of the week and the seas were calm as we chased the gangs of tuna still schooling around Hannibal Bank . There was great action on tuna all week, but the big tuna have started to migrate out of the area and our catch consisted mainly of schoolie tuna in the 30-50 pound range. Though we did manage to find some bigger fish up to about one hundred pounds.

There was also good action on wahoo and roosterfish. And of course, there was a large variety of other fish caught including cubera, mullet, rock and yellow snapper, barracuda, rainbow runner, dorado, and white tip shark . But with the hot tuna action continuing around Hannibal Bank, our attention was fixed offshore despite some nice fish caught inshore on the first few days of our trip. Carmine and Robert caught nice roosterfish in the forty to fifty-pound range and Bob got a good cubera. Brad, Mike and I each caught wahoo around fifty-pounds, and otherwise we were all happy throwing poppers and bait at the many schools of smaller tuna roaming offshore.

By the end of the week new friendships had been formed and plans made for a future fishing expedition. I can hardly wait, but for now it is summer in the Northeast and that will keep my mind off of Panama…..for a while. It is also time to start maintenance work on the Pesca Panama fleet in preparations for next season. Hope to see you then!



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