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Fishing Report - 06/14/15

This week’s group of anglers were diverse and interesting, as is always the case here at Pesca Panama.  Doc Ted Merletti brought friend and former lead guide on the Niagara River, Jeff Tedesco along to sample a Panama mixed bag.  Owner of travel company Central America Fishing, Chris Atkins came to see if Pesca was a good as advertised and brought along his dad Tom.  And traveling female anglers and outdoors aficionados Brittney Novalsky, Rhylee Gerber, and Monique Robyn Richter brought their unique blend of skills and great energy.  I asked this group repeatedly if they wanted to try this or explore that or change tactics or head to another location.  I never heard a no the entire week, and when you’ve a group with good energy like this, it’s hard not to have fun.  Our captains pronounced this the single most difficult week of the year, strongly affected by a giant tide and huge moon.  Guests came pumped to get into the great peak season yellowfin but they were generally off the bite.  Marlin were almost non-existent.  Even when casting into schools of bonito which usually bring quick light tackle hookups after a few twitches of fly or spoon, we often came up empty.  But such is the magic of what we do here in the offshore islands, that when guests are willing to understand that if natural conditions are not going our way, and they are willing to adjust, good fishing can still be found, unlike so many other locations in the world.

Sunday the girls hooked up with two roosters, Tom and Chris caught a rooster, rock snapper, cubera, yellow snapper, horse eye jack, and cierras.  Jeff and Ted fought over 40 jack crevalle.  And we were just getting started.  Remember - this was our hardest week of the year!  Monday we moved offshore looking for explosive tuna action and found beautiful bluewater everywhere, but very well fed and fussy yellowfin.  The boats took a mixed bag of species and eventually headed for the islands..  Tuesday we all went different directions and by day’s end had battled bluefin trevally, Jeff caught and released a 12lb snook, others fought jacks, cierra, big rainbows, yellowfin tuna, mullet snapper, four roosters, white and black tip shark, cubera to 50lbs, and Tom Atkins jumped a true beast of a tarpon that son Chris, who has often fished the Costa Rica Caribbean lodges, pronounced solidly at 150lbs or better.  This is the size tarpon we usually see here, and with all that we have caught over the last decade, we have NEVER released a fish under 100lbs.  Cool stat.

So this is how the week progressed.  We looked for offshore fish, rarely found them, but our capts would try bluewater, greenwater, ledges, pinnacles, beaches, poppers, bait, cast, trolled until the group added big ladyfish, pompano, houndfish, grouper, other snappers, and mahi.  Tom and Chris and I had a great morning finding roosters and brutally strong jacks, then swimming to a remote beach for a walk, and Jeff and Ted added their similar version of the same.  Monique’s world class angling experience eventually won the captains and mates admiration, and as good as they are, they opened their minds to absorb some of her marlin and other big game knowledge, worked on setting spreads, had a blast.  Rhylee can hold her own with most anybody in most anything competitive (except against Smil’n Mary in cards or dominos), and Brittney is a superb casting, fish catching machine.  The latter two adventured with me up a tidal river looking for snook, snapper, and bull shark, but the 17’ tide simply whipped us.  We were repeatedly stuck on sandbars in our panga, saw few fish, and could barely kayak against the fierce tidal surge.  Was still fun!  At night there was a little testing of local rums, a girl’s dance night (boys were 86d just about the time hips started to loosen up), and for a few nights a croc approaching 12’ came to visit.  We’d catch horse eye jacks and tease him until he CRUSHED them with lightning jaw snaps.  His reptilian eyes just a few feet below our deck rails let us know he’d have loved to join us aboard…..

Toughest fishing week of the year?  Definitely.  Fun and adventurous, stunningly remotely beautiful?  Absolutely.  Did we catch over 20 species?  Of course.  We’d love to fish with this great group of anglers again and again.  Come visit us when you can.

Until then, from Jose on shore, Jaime at the helm, Xiomy in Panama City, Chollo and Manny behind the scenes, our ever creative chef Idina in the kitchen, the two loveable Marys making sure you’re happy and well served, our dog-hard working captains and mates, support team of watchmen, electricians, mechanics, welder, dock guys, and owners Eben, Ted, and Mike - Pura Vida to all.

Pesca Panama 2015


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