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Fishing Report - 5/18/18

We had a diverse group of anglers this past week out chasing tuna and other Pacific gamefish in the Bay of Chiriqui, Panama. Long time Pesca anglers Dr. David Anthony and Timothy Retheford returned with Scott Longmore and they brought a new friend of Pesca Panama, Jeff Eatherton. Due to a tight schedule, the guys joined the party a day late but got right into the thick of one of the hottest tuna bite I remember. What a great year for tuna fishermen!

David and the boys showed up onto the tuna grounds late Monday morning and met up with the rest of the Pesca fishing fleet who were already chasing tuna around the deep-water sea mount known as Hannibal Bank, a volcanic mountain that never made it to the surface. Situated along the continental shelf and rising to within 50 feet of the surface, it is a virtual magnet for big pelagic game fish including tuna, marlin and sailfish as well as big reef dwellers like amberjack and cubera snapper.

Our other guests flew 20+ hours from Singapore and Malaysia to chase tuna on the fabled Hannibal Bank and brought a boat-load of high tech Japanese fishing gear that made me feel underequipped. And anyone that knows me knows that is an impressive feat. Ben Chua brought with him a group of hard-core anglers Han Ng, Kee Wee Goh, Jonathan Sim, Kah Kok Wong and their girlfriends Stella, Stella, Stella and Twinpower. I don’t know what was more impressive, all of the high tech gear or their impressive results. Fishing in two-man teams, one of their boats caught the largest fish of the trip, a 260-pound tuna and another boat caught 25 tuna in a single day! And even more impressive is the fact that they did it all on lures. And they also caught a lot of nice cubera snapper, mullet snapper and bottom fish to boot. Great job guys!

Even more impressive than the awesome catch these gentlemen experienced this past week were the smiles on their faces. Ever since the first day I fished with Pesca Panama as a client some thirteen-plus years ago, I was instantly in love with the concept. Fish hard, stay close to the best fishing grounds and share an awesome fishing adventure with a group of like-minded individuals. I have never seen more smiles or heard more hearty laughter than while sitting on the fantail deck of the Hannibal soaking up a few cocktails along some uninhabited beach in the wilds of Panama!

For more information, please check the smiles, and fish, on the attached photos!


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