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Fishing Report - 05/17/15

This week John Chaput spearheaded a group that included Mike and Joe Chaput, Jeff Warner, Tom and Michael Tacia, Tom Haines, and Tedd Tennis.  Once settled on the barge and fed a quick but hearty lunch on Sunday the guys all headed out for a few afternoon hours of fishing.  We use these hours to get anglers accustomed to the boats, gear, and crew so they’ll be ready for the first full day, but every now and then we start the trip with some pleasant surprises.  John hooked his first two roosters ever, and on another boat Tom Haines did as well.  Great start!  The guys were all foodies and highly knowledgeable about wines as well as avid anglers, so every meal was an event itself and thoroughly enjoyed at a pace that best fit the group.  We found our first good numbers of spring dorado this week, as well as returning wahoo, both great fighters and great eating.
And this week we got into mixed size schools of tuna all week long.  We try to fish light tackle here at Pesca Panama, but when the tuna are gathered together in sizes from 70 to as much as 300lbs it’s tough on us.  The guys would take a 120lb YFT, then an 80lb, then get into a monster that beat everyone senseless.  One boat fought a fish for THREE HOURS on spin gear, blew up two rods, crew switching gear in the middle of the fight to a second rod.  When that one shattered they frantically tried taping things together, finally angler, mate, and captain tried hand hauling this brute that eventually surged and broke 80lb line.  I’m not sure if this sounds fun or not- it was certainly an event that will be remembered by all.  I recall the first time I was spooled by a fish.  I always thought it sounded kinda cool- “yeah, and this behemoth spooled me…”- but in truth it was an awful feeling, watching perhaps one of the best striped bass of my life empty my reel in a blink, down, down a few wraps left, splang!, gone.  Same thing when you invest your heart and strength into battling a big tuna.  We’ve lost four in the last two weeks after fighting two hours or more.  Sorry guys.  But no more- we’re going to 30 and 50 wides.  Many truly big fish here this year.
There were the high and low notes that fighting Panama’s big fish supply, but it was a heck of a week as usual.  One day John and Tom hooked five tuna to 100lbs.  Capt Jose’s guys took five more to 80lbs plus two good mahi, and Capt Nava’s boat added more yellowfin, with Jeff Warner’s 150lber top fish, for a daily total of 18 YFT.  The second day was mostly an inshore event- Tom Tacia fought the first wahoo of the season, bluefin trevally, mullet snapper, more wahoo, and cubera were caught on various boats.  One capt reported a true Panama day:  five yellowfin tuna, one cubera, one big barracuda, and two mahi-mahi were caught.  On other days, cubera, jack crevalle, amberjack, yellow snapper, and of course tuna were battled.
The guys took home a lot of tuna steaks and many more were eaten throughout the week.  John made our chef’s week when he complemented her dorado preparation one evening- seemingly small acts of kindness like this go a long way here at Pesca Panama.  It’s complicated running out of a floating lodge, and we rarely get every bit of it right, but every person involved here tries so very hard to do so.  So, thanks guys for fishing with us this week.  We enjoyed you, hope you did us.  Come visit again.
From all of us here at Pesca-  warmest regards to all of you.
Capt Mike Augat


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