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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 05/10/15

My good friend of many years and waters, Brad Oakes, helped pack five stout Kansans into Jeff Green’s Citation jet and get them here after dancing around some storms and darting into Costa Rica for extra fuel, all except Brad being first time visitors to the prolific waters of Panama.  Jeff, Brad, Tony Vowell, Clayton Chaffin, Greg Floyd, and Brent Nelson joined seasoned vets and excellent anglers from NJ, John Decker and Brian Hills despite predicted thunderstorms and giant seas coming up from the deep southern hemisphere.  The rain never materialized, but the swells were massive, confusing, from multi directions, and controlled where and how we could fish.  Our saving grace was that even though they were in the 20’ class, they were separated a football field apart, so if we stayed at least a few hundred meters from shore we could fish safely.  All water around Coiba was blown up, foamed, green, and full of detritus so we only stayed one day, moving back to the Secas Islands and clearer water.  We didn’t catch as many fish as usual because we couldn’t get tight inshore to out favorite pinnacles, rockpiles, and beaches (these big swells were hitting the beaches and EXPLODING up into the palms), but we had good action and the fish we caught were the stuff of dreams.  Brian and JD have been here numerous times, bring their own arsenal (no fooling) of tuned, balanced, jigging/popping, distance, light action, heavy sticks, revolving and spinning reels, custom lures, excellent lines and hooks.  John caught a handful of cuberas from 35-50lbs, and Brain beat his biggest ever-a true 60lb behemoth that we failed to get a good photo of.  They proudly told me EVERY one was released cleanly, and could clearly see that our conservation efforts are paying off.  You’ve all seen in my prior reports that I think this is the best cubera fishing here in over a decade.

Any of you who have caught tuna on or near the surface have to appreciate what the Kansans experienced, and those of you who have not simply cannot quite imagine it.  None of these guys are small men, but they jumped into the tuna game hooking extremely rotund, healthy fish weighing 80-250lbs on spinning tackle.  These are ALL half hour fights, with several going over two hours.  Several giants beat us on our sporting tackle, but the guys went home with a new definition of what a strong fish is.  Every single guy took on these tuna, plus catching truly big cubera, the occasional rock snapper, yellow snapper, amberjack, crevalle, trevally, white tip shark, and even some hard to actually land houndfish.  The NJ and Kansas boys melded beautifully, everybody took turns handing it out and getting it back on the fantail during cocktail hour- heck- the Kansans started bantering about half way through their first coffee at 5:30am!

This was a cool week- different than our norm because of Mother Nature strutting her stuff, but we quickly found what we could or couldn’t do and adopted.  A simple truth is that even though we have at this time of year the best yellowfin fishing anybody has seen anywhere, not everybody wants them, and for that matter, very few people can physically handle more than a few of them.  So we ALWAYS find other ways to fish for other species.  Some guys jigged, some dropped bait or trolled bonito, others cast poppers and Jambos for aggressive surface fish.  As usual- was another truly good fishing week here at Pesca.   Favorite moment of the week?  I was on a boat with Brian and John chasing elusive pods of tuna that would erupt a few hundred yards away and quickly disappear again.  But we got lucky and found a REALLY turned on ½ acre school that was in a churning frenzy, tightly packed, BLOWING out of the water several body lengths, killing the sardines, and we pulled up right next to this incredible, violent scene.  When the tuna are like this they could care less your boat is there.  Some 100lb or larger fish were charging the boat, slamming bait against the hull.  We were actually flinching watching them rocket straight at us only to turn one body length away straight down, leaving vapor trails in the clear water!  We hooked up of course and had a classic bad boy battle for part of an hour.

Thanks everybody- loved getting to know you all, would fish with you anytime, anywhere.  From all of us at Pesca Panama- come back soon.  And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the ladies in your lives.

Stay dry, live large-  Capt Mike Augat 


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