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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 4/29/16

Well, it was another normal week of mixed method, mixed species fishing here at Pesca Panama… sort of.  Agent, friend, good guy Chris Atkins (owner of Central America Fishing) hosted a group of couples; Scott and Dee from New Orleans, Rick and Lois F, Rick and Amy O out of Nashville, and Kathy and Lloyd from Alaska and points everywhere.  Man what an interesting group!  Several of the ladies were not avid anglers, but every one was high spirited and open-eyed to trying new experiences.  Rick F has been around, one of his hobbies being creating world class largemouth bass ponds.  Rick O has 50 years of flyfishing experience under his belt.  Scott has fished a pile in oceans for many species for many years.  Kathy and Lloyd are world leading experts in walrus studies as well as other marine mammals and are superbly versed in the world of sled dogs (Kathy found time to be recognized 8 times as the women’s world champion sled dog racer).  So the conversations were varied and interesting on the fantail at night, people teased each other the way good friends do, I learned all kinds of cool things about dogs and fish, and we all had a good time chasing after fish.  Here are some notes from my head captain of the barge Hannibal, Jaime Bernal:
“Monday Kathy and Lloyd took a 130lb yellowfin with bait.  Scott and Dee found a big school of YFT and hooked 6 of them, all around 20lbs, with poppers.  Rick and Lois had a 40lb tuna and rainbow runner.  Rick and Amy caught 13 tuna with poppers”.
“Tuesday Lloyd and Kathy caught 3 good sized wahoo (early this year!), rock snapper, amberjack, 8 jack crevalle, black grouper, and a 30lb roosterfish.  Scott and Dee caught a 90lb yellowfin with a popper, and horse eye jacks.  Rick and Lois came back to the barge tired after a 140lb tuna, pompano, and barracuda. Amy and Rick took an 80lb tuna, 4 blacktip shark, amberjack, and rainbow runners”.
“Wednesday Kathy and Lloyd caught cubera, cobalt trevally, pompano, rock snapper, jacks, cierra, and golden jack.  Scott and Dee hooked a beautiful 40lb wahoo, 30lb AJ, jacks, pompano, red and lane snapper.  Rick and Lois caught virtually the same species, and Rick and Amy were hot with 7 jacks, 8 pompano, yellow snapper, cuda, cubera, and more”.
“Thursday and Friday this continued with Kathy and Lloyd taking a 150lb tuna, Rick and Amy fighting 9 wahoo, AJs, Scott took 6 YFT on poppers to 80lbs, roosters were caught, and Rick F battled a fine tuna on a popper”.
As I read these totals I always think, where in the world can you find this steady of a variety?  We never even tried for marlin, and I never got into a remote river (which are normal activities during a week).   I took a well outfitted kayak into a river for a day long expedition alone as I like to do - I love the feeling of exploring jungle waters where no other human goes - never made it 300 meters.  4 crocs were at the first creek juncture, 3 left as I neared, one rather large male barred the door- turned sideways in the 40’ wide channel.  I splashed water at him with my paddle which usually gets them to move away, but this guy immediately came to me, with sort of a “oh, you really want to play?” look.  I bailed!
Interesting last two weeks for certain.  Wahoo in good numbers two months early.  Occasional mahi here and there.  Some brutish amberjack.  Found a near-shore school of tuna gorging on mantis shrimp until their bellies were distended, would NOT eat any lures of any sort.  Found another school offshore eating small bonito that could be caught at will.
THIS is Pacific Panama.  Come join us. We have openings and specials the last week of May and throughout June, and are booking madly for 2017.  Chris, thanks man. You bring us some fun, interesting folks, and we sure appreciate getting to know and enjoy them. 

From all of us here at Pesca, thank you. 
Capt Mike Augat


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