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Fishing Report - 04/26/15

Father/son Peter and Steve Switzer from Texas joined Igor Shmakov, Sergey Rot, and Konstantin Putyrskiy from Russia by way of Louisiana for their first visits to Pesca.  I managed to meet the second group as I headed back to NY, found them to be quick to smile and full of energy.  Was not fortunate enough to meet the Switzers, but trusted the Pesca family to take excellent care of them.  Peter wanted a rooster on this trip, and accomplished this a few hours into his first day!  These guys wanted action.  Size of fish was secondary - big, small, didn’t matter as long as the tackle was matched to the quarry, and we carry everything from 12-20lb spinning to 50W trolling, so action it was.  Everybody chased mixed species casting, popping, jigging, and trolling.  This is a refreshing take on what a trip to Panama with us offers.  When we’re in tuna season as we are now it’s so addictive that most anglers find it virtually impossible to take advantage of our unbelievable inshore fishery, but this group decided no tuna, no marlin.  Peter and Steve wanted as much action as possible, and the Russian guys work near coastal LA where YFT are available.  No one can compare the LA bite to Panama, but it IS a good fishery, big fish can be taken, and there ARE some very good charter operations the guys had taken advantage of in the past to catch tuna.  So they brought poppers and jigs only, no bait, no troll, just cast and catch. Fun.
Peter and Steve found schools of our bad boy jack crevalle to fight (one school they released 12, another 13, and these things really pull), an occasional cobalt trevally, cierra mackerel, roosterfish, and Stephen took a 25lb rainbow runner, which is an absolute monster!  Our custom Jambo throw and reel lures were magic, as they have been all year (we will be selling these in our upcoming online store this year along with hats, cool shirts, sunmasks, custom cigars,  sunglasses, and more).  The other guys had a great selection of custom poppers with them and initially caught 7 pompano, crevalle, and a huge blue runner- 9lbs!  As the week went by they used jigs along with their poppers and really covered the water column.  Konstantin caught and released a rooster with a favorite popper.  Sergey took a true 20lb class snook- another rare catch at this time of year.  Igor jigged up AJs.  One day they caught 30 jack crevalle on light tackle, rock snapper, a really large yellow snapper, and a few trevally.  Peter and Steve rounded it all off with 2 dusky shark and some small yellowfin tuna brought back for Irina to create sashimi.
Once again Coiba showed her beauty and offered a mixed bounty unlike anywhere else in this hemisphere.  I’m delighted the guys decided to play the field this week.  Sorry I couldn’t be there to fish with you, but sure look forward to seeing you in the future.
From all of us at Pesca Panama, thank you.  Please do come again.
Capt Mike Augat


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