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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 4/20/16

We were joined on the Barge this week by an intertwined group of friends, fathers and sons.  Everyone that came is busy with careers, raising children, running businesses, so finding time to gather as a group took some extra planning and effort for them. Might be difficult to replicate a week like this, so we were all really appreciative they made it happen.  Gordon Rose and sons Travis and Kyle, lifelong Bahamas vets, and Mike Dobyns with sons Tim and Jeff arrived from different points north and south.  I loved their good nature and positive spirit, all started the days with smiles, ended with I love ya dad and love you back, son.  Everyone got a chance to see what we're famous for - lots of species, some truly big fish, a bunch of yellowfin feeds that had some standing in the boats slackjawed, others yelling Comanche war cries as we ran to the action, others casting like crazy men.
Monday we got into the first good feeds where tuna were inhaling ANYTHING that hit the water.  All said, it almost seemed simple, tie a lure on, throw, hang on, REALLY hang on 'cause you knew your lure was about to get crushed.  Those of you who have done this same thing when the fish would eat NOTHING can attest to how special true feeding blitzes are.  13 YFT from 60-130lbs were taken, more were on for one good run, one good head shake, missed poppers, or dug deep and eventually broke off.  The fishing day ended with some light tackle inshore jack crevalle action, sashimi, cocktails, music, and tuna steaks the size of small platters.  Guests that have been here know just how good our chef Irina really is.  Tuesday the guys really got into the intense tuna action.  Fish were caught to 130lbs, another was fought for well over and hour on heavy spin, 4 guys rotating keeping serious pressure on, finally came unbuttoned (I have great video of much of this action, will be putting it on, YouTube, and Facebook Michael Augat when I return to NY for a quick break on the 30th).  The Rose crew got into another big fish shortly after a grueling battle, had at it for again well over an hour, boated a tuna north of 260lbs, maybe a Pesca spinning rod record using a MadMantis #8 rod, 'Gossa 20K reel, and 80# Power Pro braid.  There are several length/girth formulas now, so computed weights ranged from 254-273lbs.  Lodge spin record was 272.  Captains eye tests said 260 for sure.  Big fun.  Wednesday boats ranged all directions inshore, caught cubera, red, yellow, lane, mullet, mangrove, and rock snapper; big golden jack - absolutely beautiful over white sand bottoms, outlines glistening gold - 'cuda, cierra, horse eye jacks, houndfish, pompano, jacks, trevally, AJs, and more.  The Pacific Panama islands were in form this week.
Thursday Steve and Trav had great fights with 50 and 75lb+ amberjacks, 20+ minutes for the biggest.  Mike took a 30lb class cubera.  The moon and tides were best the first two days, began to compact the fishing the last two days, but everyone understood mother nature at work.
Well done guys — love to see you all again, would fish with you anytime, enjoyed making new friends!
From the Barge and the boats, thanks. 
Capt Mike Augat


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