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Fishing Report - 04/11/15

Bluebird skies, turtles and mantas pairing for mating season everywhere you looked, perfect temps, calm seas. And a lot of fish. April in the Pacific offshore islands of Panama is pretty fine.

Veterans all, true seasoned pros from NY, Eugene, Harmon, Paul, and Ken joined us this week along with Ken and Tammy from FL by way of AK. The guys began their first full day by fighting and releasing 11 cubera while Capt Nave put Ken on a stout yellowfin. Fish are like people, some are just healthier and more robust, maybe more ornery than their fellows. Ken bested this tuna of about 190lbs, but it really made him work and ended up taking over two hours! The group varied their days, sometimes fishing inshore, sometimes off. The NY guys chased tuna, really dug hard for them, and Paul was rewarded with their diligence by landing a 140lb beauty taken on a popper. They tried hard for roosters as well, had two right to the boat but never landed one. They did get into some excellent jack feeds and continued to have success with bottom fishing. Ken and Tammy tried everything they could think of, from the big tuna to ultralight spinning for bonito, with lots of jacks fought all week long. I loved to watch Tammy's face light up when she described the sound and scenery of a tightly massed 1/4 acre of bonito feeding. We had a full blood moon this week which had the tuna feeding at night, but there are so many choices of species and methods here at Pesca that we all kept busy trying different things. We ate well, drank a little, shared story after story, were spoiled by the attentive two Marys and our wonderful chef. I came away from the week with several strong emotions. The boys from NY were inspiring. They know how to stay the course when hunting fish, they know how to fish period, and they were generous and gracious, as were the Buettners. And hanging with Ken and Tammy a bit, I thought that they were what I hope for my daughters when they marry- two people who knew how to explore what life offers us, laughed easily, and genuinely liked each other. And I thought again how lucky Eben and Ted and I are to be a part of this incredible floating lodge.

Thanks All - The crew loved you, the captains appreciated you, and we sure hope to fish with you again.

Warm regards, Capt Mike Augat


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