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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 3/20/16

Many of you have written asking where the fishing reports have been.  The answer is where I've been - I left immediately after our guys fished 2 weeks ago, and headed into the Panama mountains with my visiting daughter, shut off all phones, hiked, rode quads 90 miles, scuba dived, and actually vacationed.  In my absence our guests were handled with high professionalism by head captain Jaime, shore liaisons Jose and Xiomy, and all others on the Pesca crew.  Our weekly program is to settle into the "Barge" on Sunday, get to know your captain and mate by fishing some afternoon hours, eat and drink a little, and try to sleep in preparation for Monday. Most of us are so excited it's usually not the most restful night.  Our first day involves moving across various banks and bluewater grounds heading towards Coiba, so we usually try for bills or tuna.  Marlin have been tough this year, definitely affected by El Nino, but they are getting stronger as the season progresses, and our capts are really good at targeting them.  During the week everyone enjoyed the inshore action, catching trevally, spotted grouper, crevalle, amberjack, roosters, some good sized cubera, pompano, red snapper, houndfish, broomtail grouper, bonito, and more.  Sometimes they chased yellowfin who were ignoring poppers this week, but they caught some beauties.  The YFT can be very fussy - there is tons of bait here from 2-12" plus all the flying fish and bonito.  Bill Huelsenbeck's group of good anglers last week cast their arms off and found that the tuna would eat various stickbaits that mimicked the size of the bait they were seeing before they'd eat a popper (although they had two days of fishing that no one will forget - a half mile of ocean turned flashing silver/blue as thousands of tuna swam just beneath the surface - endless fish to the horizon - cast the biggest popper you could throw as far as you could throw it splash as big a splash as you could.......hang on - REALLY hang on - a classic pacific Panama yellowfin bite that northeast offshore anglers never get to see up there.  Sometimes the guys would just stand in their boats, frozen, stunned at the numbers of large fish jumping and cartwheeling, 'till the capts and mates would implore "cast cast"!
But the story this week centers around marlin.  Andrew Malacaria hooked a 450lb blue while pulling bait that put on a show and fought the way marlin do for 35 minutes.  Bill Costello took a beautiful sail.  Armand Teixeira (who helped us put this all together - thanks AT) coached and enjoyed his guys, and John Deminis jumped a 350lb black pulling a large marlin lure, fought it hard for 25 minutes, clean release.  He later told Jaime his real dream was to come to Panama to catch a marlin. Cool when good things happen to good people.
Matt Lawlor and Bill Madden had a fun mixed bag week offshore and in, but everyone agreed the high point of the week was when a beast black marlin jumped a bait on Capt Tommy's boat and Solomon Mashburn grabbed the 50 wide stand up rig.  The fish went crazy, jumping repeatedly, sounding, dumping meters and meters of line, charging up, jumping again.  For two hours.  Son Paul took over to finish the fish, got it within 30 feet of the boat... and it dumped the reel again.  These are not frail men, rather big, strapping American guys - they put constant heat on the fish, give and take without rest.  But occasionally we meet a true badass athlete among marlin who is rested, hooked just right...and pissed.  This fish was hooked at 10:30am, and at 4:30pm was STILL fighting hard.  The guys had it near the boat 10 or so times, saw it often, guessed it over 12' for sure.  The guys thought 800-900lbs, Capt Tommy guessing at least 750.  At 5:00pm all agreed to make a stand, buckled the drag a few notches, and Paul somehow mustered the energy to really pull.  They turned the fish, circled it under the boat, and blew up the rod and line, first one of these we've broken, but everything has it's limit.
So another week of stories at Pesca Panama with an excellent bunch of guys.  And we're off to do it again today.  Come see us. We've some prime openings in May and are now open year round. Thanks for this week all of you who visited!
Capt Mike Augat


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