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Fishing Report - 03/20/15

Flew home to western NY this week, I’d like to say for some R&R, but in reality it was to order parts and pieces, more fishing gear (the yellowfin are here- we’re GOING to break equipment), some shirts, hats, custom Pesca sunmasks, and to catch up with clients, forthcoming trips, arrange groups for 2016, and begin to put together the wonderful September Alaska silver salmon trip our clients so enjoy yearly.  I left the barge and Pesca family in good hands with Jose Garcia commanding all land bound details, Captain Jaime Bernal running everything on water, and a well honed crew of capts, mates, mechanics, fixers, welder, electrician¸ bartender, cleaners, servers, and wonderful chef.
This week, Canadians George Bouffioux and Trent Busche joined anglers from Cali, Ohio, Maryland and Conn:  James Butterworth, Bill Boteler Jr, Joe Newberry, Russell Abraham, Robert Franchino, Kurt Scheetz, Steve Grove, Craig Childress, and brothers Bruce and Don Pavlog.  Jaime tells me these were a bunch of guys who knew exactly how best to enjoy the many flavors of Coiba.  Captains tried their best to find pelagic fish- bills and tuna- near our normal haunts Montuosa Island , and Banana and Hannibal Bank, but the water was green throughout, the shoals were quiet, and the breezes were again stiff from the east- rare down here but never a good thing.  So we did what we do perhaps better than any other Panama fishing operation:  we shifted gears, took what the seas offered us, and fished protected waters as much as possible chasing different species with different methods.
Every week one of our capt/mate teams has the HOT hand.  Two weeks ago Nava, last week Tommy, this week Jose had the rhythm.  On his boat Michael Newberry hooked a 40lb rooster and Bill Boteler took a 30lb amberjack.  The action was, of course, spread amongst the boats.  Jim Butterworth had a fantastic fight with a good rooster, and George Trenton tangled with what eventually turned out to be a 65lb amberjack!  On Tommy’s boat Kurt and the brothers took another 65lb “reef donkey” and released an 80lb tarpon- one of Coiba’s rare and wonderful catches.  Yellowfin were eating abundant squid and the still present red crabs, so were often bait specific and sated, but occasionally they’d get wound up and act like tuna, beating the fins off of anything in the neighborhood.  11 good fish were taken on poppers one day, along with Jaime’s 50lb cubera that exploded on a popper.  This was a special week for Capt Jaime, who was invited to fish on good friend Kurt Scheetz’s boat for a day.  And as he showed , the man can fish.
I think fishing has been generally tough this year due to El Nino’s constant winds and the prolific red crab hatch.  The captains get the job done, many fish are caught, but we’re rarely getting spoiled, rarely have fish “jumping in the boats”.  Jose’s boat DID end the trip this way however in a set of the inner islands where his clients released 75 good sized jacks in a half day of fishing using our Pesca Panama custom Jambo lures!!  Those boys slept well for certain.
Warm thanks from all of us to all of you who attended this week.  We hope we pleased you in every way possible and that you fell under the spell that this part of the world casts upon traveling anglers.  Come again soon - and please, tell your friends we have a few open boats in April - a very rare circumstance that should be taken advantage of.
Staying Dry - Capt Mike Augat


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