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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 3/6/16

I'm going to begin before I finish by saying "thanks" to the boys in what we call the "Keenen Group" for returning for the 7th year and already signing up for next.  GREAT group, to a man.  All men who began or ended up on the west coast, many are watermen, lifelong surfers, Hawaii guys, sharp, hard working, mature (in age) business men who when they tell you something is bitch'n, you listen.  They all, like my favorite groups, know how to have a helluva good time.  We spent a majority of our time near shore this week - many of the group were light tackle fans, and the banks were generally slow.  We had days where free jumping sails were everywhere but fussy, and we knew where the tuna were but it was a long daily run, so we played around Isla Coiba like we do better than anybody.  We hunted mixed species throughout the bright cloudless, bluer than blue days, some of the anglers throwing poppers, others slow trolling, some using cut bait.  Sunday they warmed up with sierra mackerel and jacks, schools of houndfish being strangely absent.  Monday was kicked off with a 40lb amberjack and a 50lb rooster (gallo).  Tuesday brought a 30lb mahi, crevalle, BIG trevally, mullet snapper, rainbow runner, rock snapper (brutish, lovely fish), large pompano, mullets, AJs, a 25lb wahoo, and a nice snook.  Where else can you do this?  Where??
Wednesday Paul started the day fighting a wickedly strong 50lb cubera and Terry Keenen and the boys pounded on the jacks.  A few of the boats decided to make it a short mileage day, sipped a few beers, swam an indescribably beautiful beach, then went two miles to a reef only we fish and caught a cloud of red snapper.  We are extremely diligent about releasing 99% of our fish, but we were outside the park and chef Irina had asked for stock to feed 13 guests and 15 crew, so we kept a bunch and ate every delicious flake.  Thanks Mother Ocean - we don't do this often.  The week rolled on with 36 roosters eventually caught, many more missed, another 45lb cubera, roosters of 45 and 50lb, and one afternoon some of our five boats found excellent grey snapper fishing, others fought 18 sizeable pompano.  I say it over and over - for true avid anglers, any age, race, or sex, there is no better place I know of in the world to play and play with so many varieties of fish throughout the year.
Mike McDowell, true troublemaker that he is, challenged all other boats to a $20 winner takes all biggest Friday morning rooster contest.  Capt Tommy's guys had the hot hand and won with a 35lb last hour sweetheart, infamous mate ChiChi in another boat watching a beast charge, flash its seven pronged comb, charge again.......refuse to eat.  Prize money was given back to the boat, so Tom and Felix split the $260- nice tradition to start. 

Memorable moments were rampant, a few:
Red snapper and world class lasagna dinner?  Didn't see this coming, but wow...
One morning in the panga, exploring alone as I love to do, found a bay that felt "right', terns and pelicans settled here and there, my lucky howler monkeys barking away up in the jungle, bait spraying all over the place.  Waited and waited...... and it went OFF!.  A giant school of crevalle, bonito, pompano, and rock snapper spread over maybe 1/2 mile began to feed, erupted, crescendoed for 1 1/2 hours.  Caught them until exhausted, then removed the hook from my popper and threw it 360 degrees, 4-8 fish eating it every retrieve.  Then 9 eats, finally 10, eventually 11 bites on one cast.  DOZENS of surface explosions, GoPro heaven.
56 red snapper caught in the corner of one reef, most released.
36 roosters
Wet t-shirt..... nah
Good music, great food, and a pile of laughter every night on the fantail.
Yeah, I know I said it at the start - but many thanks guys.  And for all reading this, tell your friends or get here yourselves - we're wheeling and dealing- dealing because of people cancelling due to the Zica scare, so we have openings in May - maybe the best overall month to be here, and we have some deposit money left to pitch in.  WE HAVE NO MOSQUITOES.  I don't even bring deterrent.  You will not get bitten - promise.
Come see us - Capts Jonathan, Jose, Navas, and Tommy are absolutely on their game, got the rhythm going.  Gear is new and sharp, we're ready.  Give Teddy or I a call!
Warmest regards to all,
Capt Mike Augat


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