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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 3/4/17

We host groups from a few to 16 anglers weekly, but Doc Tom Dalsaso and I worked together for a year to arrange a school of 18 anglers and 15 crew that filled the nooks and crannies of the venerable Barge in a wonderful way this week.  Most were very capable Colorado men, a few Michigan and Florida, all could fish.  To a man, spirits ran high, never heard a complaint, music was almost as loud as the laughter, and the boys fished and swam and partied until we ran out of hours.  Our sweetheart Meri kept up with all food and drink requests and chef Irina somehow layed out platters of creative food, shashimi, cerviche, Panama style snapper, hearty breakfasts, and filled coolers for boat lunches.  Many of the guys were returners, some 7 times, and others were newbies invited into the fold.  Tom brought one of a kind dad Twistie and son Tommy to enjoy three generations.  The beauty of this trip is that guests can fish ridiculously hard, hang on a beach, read on the barge and soak in the ever changing beauty of our islands, or mix the days up fishing offshore, nearshore, inshore, or onshore!
Tuna were elusive, feeding as yellowfin sometimes do with great horizontal speed, and they were very keyed into eating small sardines.  Tough game.  But as the photos show, the islands provided what most of us who fish here think is the best overall angling in this hemisphere.  Cool thermoclines gathered amberjack and almacos in numbers that had anglers asking the capts to please go hunting for other species so tired arms and backs could take a break (70lbs was our best).  Broomtail and snowy grouper were abundant, as were various snapper, trevally, horse eyes, shark, and more.  We moved to some east beaches and found wonderful numbers of big crevalle on light tackle that provided a constant fix for action - God they blow up on poppers!  My pro angler move of the week was after 10 brutal jacks on 11 casts with an 8-17lb rod I removed the hook from a red and white Chug Bug so I could relax and watch the fish smash and beachball the popper into the air without having to fight them.  Third cast a 30lb class rooster repeatedly tried to eat it.  Yep, I'm a pro.
So the mixed species bite was on, and the guys were returning at day's end and sharing different stories over cocktails every night.  Broke off a number of large tuna with lines rubbing other feeding fish.  Blew up a tough Mad Mantis #8 after an hour long tuna battle.  Four guys hooked up on AJs at one time.  Best fight of the trip might have been a large tuna (as always), but we had an amazing and extremely unusual few days of nearshore mahi fishing culminating with a first time visiting but talented angler hooking a 35lb+ mahi on a $29 sabiki rod rated at 8lbs.  Took him over 1.5 hours to best it while the other anglers repeatedly hooked and fought fish, occasionally checking to see how he was doing up on the bow.  Look at the photos - some of these fish were literally cruising rocky shorelines, so the guys would cast 5" Mad Mantis poppers and lead them into a frenzied rush, the blunt heads waking a wall of water before them until they committed with a final explosion.  Unforgettable stuff.
We may well bring an extra cruiser along next year so more can join the party - this group knows how to play, knows how to fish.  Sleep?  Not so much.  I'm proud of the Pesca crew- nice job.  And proud to have hosted every one of you guys, heartfelt thanks to a great group.
Next time — Capt Mike Augat
Co-Owner Pesca Panama


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