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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 02/27/15

I'm chugging up the beautiful old Chiriqui River, calm water, clear sky, 11000’ Mount Volcan ahead (I’m going to try to summit tomorrow), and reflecting what a wonderful week it was here at Pesca Panama.  Richard Castaneda and Peter Gray put together an excellent group of anglers, mostly west coast California guys but Panama, Mexico, Pennsylvania, and NYC were represented too.  With us this week were returning anglers:  Ira Drogin, Michael Chavira, Gary Furness, Peter Gray, Michael Salmon, James Welch, Edward Hawkes, Dana May, Gary Treischman, William Bixler and Mark Wheeler.

The weather was perfect, not too hot with endless blue skies and calm seas. Big tides and a rare red sea crab spawn made us work for fish.  The open ocean and inshore bays in many locations had thousands of 4” crabs rising from the sea floor, and all species were gorging on them.

The offshore bite was slower than past weeks, 2 Black Marlin and one Sail were our only billfish, but we hunted down pods of feeding tuna.  Anglers took fish using poppers and our custom Jambo swimming plugs using light spinning rods.  Rare catches were a large Spotted Grouper and a Dusky shark, along with our usual array of Cubera, Roosters, Amberjack, and many more.  We broke some custom rods, wore out a reel, gladly suffered blistered hands and cuts and scrapes.  Doc Gary tended to all nightly.  I had a personal day of wading a remote jungle river casting to big Mangrove Snapper, then walked two miles of beach watching a few big crocs patrolling, a troop of white faced monkeys chattering behind me, a screaming scarlet macaw above, and the rare flash of Roosterfish in the cresting waves. I finished by hooking 8 Snook with Captain Jaime, 7 over 10 pounds, and one approaching 20 pounds that ate and spit boatside. Pure Coiba.

This was a group we’d fish with anytime, anywhere.  A lot of experience, patience, grace, laughter, and just knowing how to have a damn good time was pervasive. Thanks guys, please get back here as soon as you can, we’d love to host you again!

Note: Richard Castaneda of Cass Tours is a class act start to finish and puts together a flawless trip.  I know he offers hosted travel to Christmas Island, East Cape Mexico, and more.  A traveling angler could do worse than to check him out on line.

Captain  Mike Augat


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