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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 1/28/17

This week was a blast!  Master angler Kit McNear returned after many seasons away (his first trip to the Coiba region was in '85 and he visited several times after) and brought with him lively Larry McCormick (Larry survived a nasty dump on one of his big cruiser bikes while touring Montana this year and is still recuperating) so they could fish with several of Pesca's captains while sampling in and off shore.  The Pylkas Clan, Jim, Laird, and son Hank came again for their 3rd or 4th visit (?) and connected with Capt. Navas and excellent mate Johnny.  Steve Dinkel (another Coiba veteran of many visits) paired with Paul Dinerstein who knows Coiba thoroughly after yearly visits for well over a decade and already twice this year.  Yeah, it's that addictive here!  My partner Ted Merletti brought best friend Smil'n Jeff Tedesco again (man wakes up with a smile, great to be around) both excellent and knowledgeable anglers.  Lotta talent on board this week, and our capts/mates made good use of it.  Three of the boats got into a nice tuna surface feed on our first full day with all anglers taking fish under 100lbs on poppers and plugs, really fun and they don't beat you to your knees.  Kit took a hot 160 and he and Larry followed it with a number of inshore species the rest of the week - good pompano light tackle action along with cubera, rock snapper, crevalle, dorado, and a last day that Kit described as the best mullet snapper fishing he'd ever seen, and that's saying something.  Ted and Jeff would quietly return to the barge every night talking about roosters and AJs and cubera, big fun, but Teddy always jonesing for wide open offshore action.  Ted took a large cubera one day, Jeff a rooster that was 60lbs for sure, beauty of a fish, and they ended the trip with a 40-50 fish, mixed species day.  Jim Pylkas caught his usual bunch o’stuff, culminated with an unbelievable battle fighting a 30lb class cubera on an LL Bean 8-17lb travel rod (one of my favorites that I recommend to everybody who visits).  Those of you who have tackled cubera know they are almost impossible to turn from the rocky seabed even with stout gear, so hats off to you Jim.  Laird also caught this, that and the other, every picture showing yet another species.  And Hank ramped it up, taking a yellowfin and his first sail - big sail! - in one day along with a 300lb+ black marlin another.  The man never stopped grinning.  Pauly cast away at mixed species and absorbed the beauty here as he always does.  I love this guy, truly. Have known him for over 30 years and love sharing a boat with him.  And his partner this week Steve, was a hoot.  Took pompano on fly, jigged up 2 AJs over 50lbs, and brought a new secret surface lure (really whacky) that EVERYTHING ate.  Jacks banged heads trying to get at it.  Cubera tried to mate with it (I think :)).  Big houndfish went berserk.  And for over an hour we found BIG mahi in slick water under circling frigates that never showed until they crashed a bait.  We threw all of our normal selection, poppers, Ron Zs, Jambos, live bait, to these well fed fish and had occasional action, but Steve's lure we named "Monica" would draw lightning attacks from 50' away time and time again.  An hour I'll never forget.
As always, it was a memorable week.  I thought the snook and the marlin would be our hot tickets, instead we released 21 roosters and caught over 25 species including a moray eel.  This coming week we have an inshore group.  Marlin fishing should be off the charts!
Come visit. We WILL have a time to remember.
Capt. Mike Augat - in honor of George Babikan - staying dry.


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