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Fishing Report - 01/25/15

This week Pesca Panama welcomed the Delsaso group of 16 anglers for the sixth time.  Father/son (you all know I love to see this) Docs Tom Delsaso Sr and Jr brought along a diverse and fascinating bunch of characters from Colorado, Michigan, and Texas:  Alan Beugg, Kev Kaveney, Chris Bee, Nate Trookman, Charlie Kass, Mark Meyer, Jeff Baker, Nick Moore, Russ Wiley, John Fleming, Jay Mac Rust, Bryan Duytschaever, Tom Coob, and Jim McClellan III.  Many of these guys had visited us before, several were first timers, but all were able to experience the magic of Coiba in their own way.  Some fished till they dropped.  Others swam the pristine beaches, photographed the old prison, or just occasionally vacationed on the Barge, reading and relaxing.  In addition to the commonality of everyone laughing and enjoying the music, great food, and great service on the fantail deck, this group continued Pesca’s almost improbable run of record fishing for 2015.  In the last few weeks we’ve seen a few rare moments occur:  a 300lb class black marlin taken on spinning gear, early arriving yellowfin, and a week with 37 species caught.  This week the guys added a few new twists to the normal world class daily angling.  We hooked 16 marlin this week and raised many more.  Capt Tom’s boat had 2 black marlin on at the same time and LEADERED BOTH FISH!  A Pesca first.  Capt Nava’s guys were trolling a remote beach when a very large tarpon blew up behind them - 130lbs or more.  One angler said the first thing he saw was a flash of silver six feet in the air.  The anglers all watched and cheered as the tarpon jumped repeatedly, really putting on a show.  Rare catch here, only the seventh I’ve heard of that we’ve ever caught.  I was very proud of these guys who sacrificed a great photo to make sure this fish was released unharmed by not bring it into the boat - well done.  And on Capt Jose’s boat an 80 lb wahoo provided a screaming run that had everybody stunned.  We don’t see wahoo this time of year, and we don’t often see them this size.
Capt Tito was hot all week, especially loving the excellent marlin fishing that 2015 is showing- perhaps the best in years.  And Capt Jonathan continues to impress everyone with his endless driving pursuit of every species that swim here.  I heard time and time again how impressed the anglers were with their capt/mate teams.  During the week John Fleming caught roosters and a 450lb marlin, Nick Moore took his first marlin, a 350lb black, Charlie Kass caught a 35lb cubera and a 40lb rooster on the same day, Jay Mac took another 400lb black, Jeff Baker a beautiful 30lb cubera, Nate Trookman a 35lb rooster, Mark Meyer a 300lb black and a sailfish, and so forth, on and on.  One day the boats went to some smaller islands as a loose group to fish inshore with light tackle and caught and released 20 mullet snapper, 12 jack crevalle, 2 roosterfish on poppers, a 250lb bull shark, 2 more roosters using bait and circle hooks.  Many cubera were caught and carefully released during the week, some quite large.  And one day some of the anglers saw an incredibly vicious attack from an estimated 300lb bull shark on a hooked 40lb rooster in 4 feet of water next to a palm tree lined beach.  Left everybody a little shaken with the sudden explosion and finality.
This is Coiba.  A myriad of opportunities to catch more species than an angler can in any other place I have found, amidst some of the most pristine and wildly lovely country in this hemisphere.  This is an anglers dream come true, and I hope all of the Delsaso group this year went home relaxed, tired, a little changed, and shaking their heads in awe.  You guys were a blast and it was a pleasure.  Thank you, Tom, for putting this together.
Come back soon - we’ll be ready and waiting for you here at Pesca Panama!
— Capt Mike Augat
NOTE:  We have, in conjunction with Stingofish, created a custom line of fishing lures made for Pesca that have the captains and mates begging for more.  Some are big fish tuna lures, others are deadly on small and medium fish inshore- the best I’ve seen in 15 years here.  Make sure you bring along some light tackle for these: 12-20lb travel rods with either 4000 reels/30lb braid or 5000 reels/40lb braid along with some 50lb fluoro leader.  You’ll be happy you did.


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