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caribbean fishing
Fishing Report - 1/18/16

Joining us this week was a diverse group of visitors, each boatful meeting each other for the first time - Lisa Skovronsky, Richard and Rick Jarrell with Capt Jose; Doc Bruce and son Nick Lippman with Tommy; Jim Meagher and Robert Weathersby with Capt Navas; and father son Alan and Kyle Sharaf, Barry Fox, and easy going Larry Hershoff fished with Capt Jonathan.  We started the trip with a fresh caught meal of lobster, settled into each boat, shook out the travel cobwebs with a few cierra, houndfish, and snappers on light tackle, and got ready to chase bigger fish on Monday morning.  El Nino continues to offer placid seas and species trickery.  We found scattered pods of large yellowfin tuna (rarely seen in January), sailfish were all over the place, free-jumping on the various banks and in between (we usually see this in February), and the marlin are finally showing up almost two months later than the normal.  Inshore was a bit slow, but there were some moments as always here at Coiba.
Capt. Jonathan
Sun: 12 crevalle and a horseye jack
Mon: 12 mullet snapper and several yellow snapper
Tues: 2 sails, mullets, yellows, horseyes
Wed: 5 grey grouper, mangrove, mullet and yellow snapper, jacks, rainbows
Thurs: 1 sail released, others raised, mullets, and cierra
Capt. Jose
Sun: rock and yellow snappers
Mon: 2 large sails, big mullets, yellows
Tues: 1 50lb rooster, amberjack, rock snapper, yellows, and more mullets
Wed: Bluefin trevally, crevalle, pompano, cierras- said they had a blast
Thurs: 2 more sails, really hit the big mullets
Capt. Tom
Same idea- mixed bag all week, but the guys concentrated on marlin and tuna, went 3-12 one day on light tackle and fly rod sails, jumped but did not land marlin, and eventually spent three hours getting towed around by a really bad boy tuna that simply would not yield.  We all watched from other boats as they were slowly towed off the banks to the west, finally calling in to get ready for sushi and big tuna steaks.  The fish measured at 272lbs.  Big anywhere at any time, huge for Jan in Panama.
Capt. Navas
The guys took roosterfish, mullets, jacks, trevally, rainbows, many types of snapper, cierra, sails, and worked hard at marlin.  On Thursday they were at the banks way ahead of any other boats and switched from fast trolling lures to slow trolling bonito. A 600lb class fish crashed the spread, and Walter Paytoned the waters behind us - jumped left, jumped right, cut left jumped again, and ran away at crazy high speed, line dumping off the reel, boat turning chasing, finally gaining just in time… Walter turns CHARGES the boat, REEL REEL REEL!  Belly in line boat turning, marlin flies right under the boat, pins angler to the stern, we hear a tremendous splash 75yds in front of the bow… Walter’s gone.  All of this in seconds.  Marlin fishing.  Next fish is Jim’s turn - another marlin eats a bonito on the third wave, turns, leaves at high speed, must have watched Walter, turns, CHARGES  boat  REEL REEL REEL!  Slack in line fish is gone.  We’re out of bait, Navas runs to where he thinks bonito will be, we immediately find them on small squid rigs, hook up, mate is lifting a bonito at the stern, a 400 lb class black EATS it a rod length from the boat, blows out of the water, skids past us greyhounding on its side, head shaking like un uh, un uh can’t have me, breaks the 40lb line.  0-3, but man what fun!
And that’s the way the week went.  We explored a river by kayak, had our normal great food and fun on the fantail, and finished the week with a few really nice roosters on Friday.  Thanks for fishing with us everybody! Captains appreciated all, as did the barge crew.  Come see us again when you can...
Warmest regards to all,
Capt Mike Augat


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